Further Promotion

Once an article is written, submitted, and published, the journey is still not completely over. Assuming that you targeted some keywords as per your research, then it should be showing up somewhere on the search engine listings, but in order to get more traffic, you’re going to want to be higher up those listings.

To accomplish this, the best way is to do it in much the same fashion as you would for any webpage: Build backlinks.

Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time building backlinks to a third party website that is not your own, so it is probably a good idea to start off with the easiest method of all: Social bookmarking.

Just bookmarking your article on a couple of dozen social bookmarks alone could dramatically alter their search engine list position.

As you get higher up, the traffic to your article will no doubt increase, and in tandem with that, so will the amount of visitors that you’ll be getting through your backlink. Simple and quick, yet it could be one of the most defining parts of your article marketing campaign.

Another, lesser used technique, to build backlinks is to resubmit your published article to other article directories, with the backlink changed to point to your original article. Even on its own, this could be great, especially if you want to get even higher after you run out of websites on which to social bookmark your article.

With a built-up supply of backlinks linking to your article, you should have no problem appearing even in the top couple of results for a low-competition keyword on Google.

Where to Start Submitting Articles

Choosing the right place to submit your article depends on a number of factors, and there really is no substitute for actual trial and error.

To start off with though, the most popular article directory to date is still, without a doubt, EzineArticles.com. Tests have consistently shown that articles published there have a tendency to outperform those published elsewhere.

Partly, this is due to the high Page Ranking of EzineArticles.com, but it is also due to the internal links that could really help your article out once it reaches the ‘most viewed’ link bar for a given niche.

So, if you’re thinking about starting up, it would probably be best to try out EzineArticles.com first. Should that not work for you, then there are always other simple options that are.

Simple yet Sublime: Article Marketing

Really, there are few techniques as effective as a well conducted article marketing campaign. Furthermore, there are also few techniques that are as easy to execute, provided you know the logic behind it – which you now do.

Put it to good use, and you’ll no doubt find that you get more and more traffic with each passing day.