Final Action Plan For Success

This is what you should be doing every week. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the top article marketer you deserve to be, the kind of person we’ve been talking about all along…

Follow this action plan every week and you will be well on your way to earning $100 – $200 a day within a month.

Step 1 – Find 5 products to promote

You will need to find 5 decent products to promote that fit the criteria we talked about in the above sections. is a good start to find products to promote. There are new products being added daily.

Make sure they pay you enough for your time. Don’t promote a product that pays you peanuts

Another great idea for the bum marketing method, one not many bums are taking advantage of (apart from Travis) is promoting residual income affiliate programs.
In short, affiliate programs that pay you every month, like web hosting. We love residual income affiliate programs. Here is how they work. You promote a product one time. A customer buys the product. Every time they come back to buy another, you make more money. Promote a product once and are paid for as long as that customer stays a customer.

For example: If you promote an autoresponder company such as Aweber and make a sale, you will make that same amount of money every month for as long as that customer stays with that autoresponder service.

Residual income affiliate programs are the wave of the future.

If you want a list of some good affiliate programs that pay this way go to….

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus

These websites are website directories full of residual income affiliate programs.

Step 2 – Find at least 30 keywords for each product

This is, without a doubt, the most critical phase you’ll go through in your article marketing journey. So pay close attention to this step. Your success depends greatly on how well you perform this step.

The real goldmine is in your keyword list. So take time to correctly select the right keywords. Once you master this step, you’ll be way ahead other bum marketers.

If you wish to invest in a solid keyword research software, we recommend using Ispionge. It might seem a little pricey but it can really help you ALOT in your keyword research efforts.

This tool will help you speed up the process and do much more but you can simply make use of Google Adwords Keyword Planer to do the job if you’re just starting out.

If you want to find more keywords, even better, but start with 30 first to see if the product will be worth it. There is nothing worse then writing 50 to 100 articles to promote a product and then realize the product doesn’t covert to sales.

Sometimes, this is going to happen. It is not a big deal if you have not invested a lot of time or effort in your article writing.

This is very frustrating and it is going to happen on occasion, that’s life. Some products will convert better then others.

But the very minimum articles we write for a specific product is 30.

If we write 30 articles and we make very little sales, then we know not to keep going.

The great thing about article marketing is it’s a perfect way to test if products are winners for free while making money. If a product is a winner, there is nothing stopping you from advertising with Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.


Step 3 – Write the articles for your keywords

Now is the time to write your articles. You know you have a great product; you know it will convert, so there is nothing stopping you from making great money except your willingness to write a LOT of articles – Great articles.

We’ve given you many tips above to make this easier and more profitable for you.

If you wanted to outsource the article writing you could do that as well.

There are places that write articles for as little as $5 or even lower.

If you go to and sign up to that forum, and go to the services for sale section, you will find many, many people offering article writing services for as little as 2 or 3 dollars a pop.

If you do decide to hire people to write articles for you, here is a tip.

Never pay upfront. Pay after the articles are completed.

Step 4 – Create your landing pages and submit your articles will no doubt in the future change the rules for what is acceptable as the landing page people click on in your article byline.

In the future will probably not allow you to redirect their readers straight to a signup form for an opt-in email list. They probably won’t even let you send readers straight to a sales letter or affiliate page via redirect.

So, you will have to let the reader get directed to a page on your website.

But instead of just having one page site, visitors can click on and either sign up to your free opt-in list or click straight over to the affiliate website. And on the side of the page in the navigation area, you would put links to other articles you’ve written.

This is likely where you will make your most money, but getting people to opt-in to a list is equally important, because you can always market your product to them later through your own email promotions.

To build a mailing list, you need an autoresponder account. And the only one we recommend is Aweber. It is the most reliable autoresponder service and ensures your emails gets delivered to your subscribers. You can check out their 30 days trial here.

When a reader can see that there is more content to read on the topic, they will read those articles as well and get even more excited about the product you are promoting.

If you do a good job of writing articles, they will believe you have quality content to offer, and they are more likely to trust whatever products you have to recommend to them.

This is pre-selling at its best. Many people really hate giving away their email address straight away just to get more information, so give it to them free repeatedly, and they will eventually WANT to give you their email address.

There is already too much junk mail out there, so more and more people want something tangible immediately. They do not want you to bombard them with crap, so just don’t do it. Do as I say and make money the right way.

Once you have created your landing page, submit your articles MANUALLY to and Those are the only article directories we use.

Step 5 – Double up on your keywords

By now you should have written 150 articles and submitted them to the relevant article directories. Now it’s time to track your results.

It’s really important to track your results so you know which keywords or articles are working well for you so you can increase your efforts on those.

You can login to your Clickbank account to check your tracking stats based on the different links you’ve set up in Step 3.

If after a few weeks, you find a certain product is doing really well, double up.

Like we explained before, create a second account and write the same articles again under this different person’s account.

Also go and look for other keywords you can write articles on.

Milk it for all it’s worth.

Do all of this for 4 weeks straight and if you are not seeing $100 or more a day in your Clickbank account, we will be surprised. This system WILL work if you try it. It is not another “tactic”, it is THE magic key you have been looking for, a way to be lazy and make money. Who doesn’t want to live life like that?

All the best!

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